Nigerian Man Lost Penis After Taking Covid Vaccine

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Nigerian Man Lost His Penis After Taking Covid-19 Vaccine.

On the 2nd of September 2021, Wale received his first dose of the Covid-19 jabs/vaccine injection, and a few days later his penis stopped working. He totally lost his libido and erection for a week.

Wale is a Nigerian, he works in the marketing department of a company, his work doesn’t allow him to stay away from the crowd and observe social distancing as much as he should and wants to, he is a very good customer of ShopRite too where a lot of returning Nigerians from abroad visits a lot, don’t forget these returning Nigerians from the diaspora introduced the virus to our country back when the pandemic had just started in 2020.

Covid-19 symptoms Wale saw that made him took the vaccine

Early January this year (2021), Wale started having inconsistent fever, loss of taste or smell, aches and pains all over the body, general body weakness, headache, sore throat, nasal congestion, constipation (feeling like your stomach is full even when you don’t have much in there and difficulty doing bowel movement in the toilet), diarrhea (purging) sometimes, sudden but compelling nausea/vomiting, and little skin rashes. These symptoms come and go, they appear in some weeks and disappear in other weeks. sometimes the sickness gets too much to bear and he would use chloroquine because the sickness looked like malaria and he has been suspecting coronavirus infection too. Wale didn’t get tested because he felt he was too busy to. He heard about the vaccination exercise and how safe it was reported by the government and he decided to give it a try maybe it would fix his problems.

Wale’s potency/sexual performance before he took the vaccine

Wale reported to me that he had a good erection and full-blown sexual intercourse in the morning of that Thursday, he also added that he has never for once in his life had difficulty getting his penis up, they told him at the vaccination center that the only side effects are mild fever, headache and pain on the arm which they were going to inject him, they prescribed two tablets of paracetamol after each square meal and all these listed side effects would be gone, but on the second day, Wale started a Gulder ultimate search, looking for his Libido.

He consoled himself that it was just stress, he waited till the third day which was Saturday, then Sunday. He had never experienced such a thing in his life, started getting worried, he started calling the people he trusted enough to discuss such matter with without being ashamed, he started searching online for all kind of solutions he could get too. He used Viagra, patronized all the roadside sexual herb joints he knew, and the ones that were recommended by his friends and families but none of this worked for him. Wale found my number during one of his google searches for a solution to his problem and that was how he came across me. Did Wale’s Penis start working again?

One good thing about the vaccine

After receiving the vaccine. all these sicknesses were gone, but his penis couldn’t work anymore

What variety of the Covid Vaccine did Wale Receive?

He received Moderna vaccine

What doctors said about Wale’s problem.

Wale went to the hospital to complain, they told him it was just stress and he should be patient. Doctors claimed the vaccine doesn’t lead to erectile dysfunction and since he had sex on the morning of the day he received the vaccine, he should observe it in few more days and come back for tests. Every other medical practitioner he approached were telling him the same thing, he waited for 3 days more and decided to seek herbal and traditional help

How Wale regained his libido and his Penis started working again.

Wale found my number after google referred him to my website, he called me and narrated it all as it happened, I recommended him the Cobra bitters herbal mixture (which you can get here), a fortified, and supercharged herbal medicine that I give to people who have tried everything but couldn’t solve their erection problems, people born with erectile dysfunction (have been experiencing erection problems ever since they started having sex), old people who go months without a single spring of erection and people who had a history of priapism.

Wale took 25cl cup of the Cobra bitters mixture and regained his potency within 24 hours, called his partner, and had a long session of intercourse

More Information about Cobra Bitters herbal Mixture for Premature Ejaculation and Weak Erection

Cobra bitters herbal mixture is a mixture of certain sets of natural herbs boiled together at great temperatures. It cures serious and stubborn premature ejaculation and weak erection problems, you can order for it here

Is the Covid Vaccine safe?

This has been the question of most people especially Nigerians.

Here is what I can say about it, The vaccine can protect you from Covid-19 and also prevent you from falling heavily sick from mild covid-19 infections, but there are some untold side effects. A vaccine with side effects is not dangerous, but the government and other authorities in the health sector that conceal these side effects and downplaying them in front of the people are dangerous.

There are various types of these vaccines, some of them are mRNA-1273 popularly and commonly known as Moderna Covid-19 vaccine, then the AZD1222 Popularly known as AstraZeneca, and BNT162b2/Comirnaty which is Popularly known as Pfizer. There are several other types of vaccines too like Johnson and Johnson but the first three I mentioned are the most common in Nigeria. There have been several feedbacks of serious and terrible side effects of the Moderna vaccine from individuals all around the world.

What are the people saying about these Covid-19 vaccines?

There have been side effects of serious illnesses in some people who took these vaccines, some had their arm pain alone as predicted by the health officers and nothing else. Some people reported the negative effects of these vaccines on their sexual health.

Here are some reactions of people online about the vaccine, I sent direct messages to some of them to find out how it happened and what they are doing about it, some were worried, some were not, it has reportedly shattered the marriage of some due to the impotence of the men after taking the vaccine

Should you take the Vaccine or not?

There are two issues here

1. You want to be safe from covid-19

2. You don’t want the vaccine to affect your sex life

If you feel the very need to take the vaccine, take it to protect yourself, and if any issue arises, reach out to me here or reach out to your doctor

Only 0.9 percent of the Nigerian population has been vaccinated, Be thankful you are getting this information and you can make better decisions on whether to take the vaccine or not, the information about these side effects are not yet widespread, the government everywhere in the world and western-oriented medical doctors are also leading people on radically.

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