Benefits and Side Effects (disadvantages) of Masturbation

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From my experience of dealing with people’s health (sexual and none sexual), I can conclude that people want to talk about Masturbation but are uncomfortable about doing so directly, so they use comedic terms like soap,soapy, wanking, jack off, play with yourself e.t.c as it is a more socially acceptable way to express themselves on this topic.

Today let’s talk about masturbation.

Is Masturbation Bad?

Firstly, let me answer this question that is always lingering in the minds of people who masturbate and people who are about to start masturbation, The question is “Is Masturbation bad”, the answer is NO

Masturbation is Normal and not a bad thing.

Masturbation is touching ones own genitals for pleasure, it is something that babies do from the time they are in the womb, it is a natural and normal part of healthy sexual development.

Research has found that among adolescents 14-17, around 74 percent of males and 48 percent of females masturbate.

Among other adults, roughly 63 percent of men and 32 percent of women between 57 and 64 years of age masturbate.

Lies and Rumours (Myths) people tell about masturbation

Several myths and incorrect information are flying around about masturbation, they gave been debunked severally by health experts and professionals but the myths never stopped spreading.

Masturbation is rumored to cause blindness, hairy palms, impotence later in life, etc but THIS IS NOT TRUE but that doesn’t mean masturbation doesn’t gave some disadvantage

The following are things masturbation cannot cause

Masturbation cannot cause:

– Blindness

– Hairy palms

– Erectile dysfunction

– Penis shrinkage

– Mental illness

– Premature ejaculation

– General impotence later in life

Masturbation cannot cause those things I have listed above rather it has some great benefits which we I am going to mention

Benefits of Masturbation

Masturbation has many physical and mental health benefits, Below are the benefits of masturbation

1. Masturbation Manages premature ejaculation

When you masturbate hours before sex, over excitement is taken off you, you feel relaxed and you don’t get to but quickly. This is not for people who suffer from erectile dysfunction and find it hard to get it up. You release your sperm, penis go flaccid(flat) and you struggle hours to get it up till your partner come and go

2. Masturbation Reduce Stress, depression and release tension

3. Masturbation Prevents Prostate Cancer

Men who ejaculated more than five times a week were less likely to develop prostate cancer than those who ejaculated less often.

Disease-causing toxins build up in your urogenital tract and when you rub one out, you flush the bad guys out of your system

4. Masturbation Boosts your Mood

Lack of sex throw people into bad mood and also cause mood swing, with masturbation, they get better

5. Masturbation Boost Concentration

This doesn’t usually happen to people who work on fields, do more physical activities daily, these physical activities that take their attentions too (Engineers, hawkers, sport men and women etc), but people who work in offices, they have random anxiety everyday that shift their attentions from one thing to another within seconds, this lack of concentration is a result of being sexually deprived or don’t have sex regularly.

One minute they are working and focused, the other, they are on YouTube watching videos they don’t want to watch, but productive works bore them out very fast

They may be able to cope a bit by masturbation, it will calm their brain and nerves and put their minds together to focus on important things, but it doesn’t last long. It cannot be like real sex

6 Enhances Sleep Quality

People with the above anxiety which I explained to be a result of lack of sex, struggle with sleep, have sleepless nights now and then. Another common reason why people have sleepless nights is being worried over something, after a round of masturbation, they get relaxed, have their minds together and sleep creeps in

7. Masturbation May Increase Libido

Both sex and arousal are born in the brain. The more we experience pleasure, the more we want, because we think more about it. People who have sexual energies unused think about sex more most times if its been long they had sex, they don’t need masturbation to increase their libido, excess masturbation to their already high sexual drive may start killing their libido slowly

People who have their sexual energies spent somewhere else (they do a lot of physical activities everyday and it takes up their energies), if they haven’t had sex for a while, they don’t think about sex much. These people can surge up their sex drive with regular masturbation

8. Strengthen Pelvic Muscles

The contractions that occur with orgasm strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, helping with urinary issues like incontinence (Urine leakage when you are not ready or wanting to) and erectile dysfunction

9. Helps with Period Cramps (for women)

Orgasms may alleviate menstrual cramps, when you masturbate, it eventually leads to an orgasm, and when you orgasm, you’re improving blood flow to the genitals. Crazy right? This increase in blood flow can ease your menstrual cramps and get rid of that throbbing headache.

Secondly, Masturbation makes you sleep better, it can help you soil some of the messy moments of the period

10. It helps improve skin

Masturbation induces relaxation and decreases stress which can contribute to acne,” says Dr. Henry. “Orgasms lead to a release of oxytocin, which lowers cortisol levels, leads to better sleep and helps the skin repair itself. This is when it is done moderately, what is moderately? At frequency that you don’t feel it affecting you.

Side effects/Disadvantages of Masturbation.

1. Addiction: If you get addicted to masturbation, you will be frustrated anytime you are not able to do it. Imagine yourself rushing home or looking for toilet just because you are aroused by a big bum or breasts of some lady or an attractive physique of a man you saw. Sometimes you get frustrated by just wanting to stop it and find it hard to stop

2. Injury: It can injure the genitals if done vigorously

3. Unclear/shared toys may give infections

4. Excess masturbation lowers your testosterone level and you get less interested in women and sometimes make you lose that ability and boldness to walk up to a lady you like

5. It affects your Lifestyle: Masturbation requires privacy sometimes which is not always available, it may be keeping you confined in a place or reshaping your lifestyle in ways you may not realize early

Downplayed/Argued side effects of Masturbation

1. Infertility and Low sperm count

Having sex more than once every day over a long period may make it more difficult for your partner to get pregnant. This is because your body takes up to three months to produce new sperm. So frequent sex may mean that your body can’t produce enough sperm for every ejaculation. This problem can replicate itself in frequent masturbation too

2. Headache and Physical weakness.

It is a general knowledge that vigorous sexual activity leads to exhaustion and temporary physical weakness, this comes with a headache sometimes after often sex or masturbation over a long period

3. Penis Curvature

During vigorous sexual activity, be it sex or masturbation, there had been cases of Penile fracture. This is a rupture in the two areas of the penis responsible for erections

4. Affects your relationship with your partner

When you masturbate too often, you lose the sense of real sex being better than masturbation, you get less interested in the real sex, this may affect the emotion and affection you share with your partner

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