How to Treat Painless Bleeding During Erection/Blood Coming out of your Penis

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How to Treat Painless Bleeding During Erection

Penis has two main jobs. It helps carry urine and semen out of the body. Having blood come out of your penis is an alarming thing, it can be a sign of a serious underlying medical condition or just a harmless and common thing.

There are various instances where the blood comes out of the penis, below are some of them

1. Blood in Urine: If blood appears in your Urine, this is called hematuria, the problem could be anywhere in your urinary tract. This is sometimes accompanied by difficulty urinating or hurts when you pee. This can be a sign of enlarged prostate, prostatitis, kidney infection, kidney stones, epididymitis, orchitis, and so on when you see blood in your urine and you are experiencing pain in your back or sides could be a sign of urinary tract infection, kidney stones, or a related condition.

2. Blood in semen: Blood in your semen is known as hematospermia could be accompanied by pain too when urinating or during ejaculation
When you see any of these two, see your doctor or urologist.


I am here to talk about blood coming out of your penis whenever you have an erection, this bleeding is not accompanied by pain or any discomfort. The Painless bleeding from your Penis which I am talking about here is different from seeing blood in your urine, in your ejaculation, or as a result of bruises or injuries on your penis. This is just blood coming out of your penis unprovoked just because you are having an erection. Many people seeing this symptom usually think they have got some STD but NO, This defect is a result of Klippel-Trenaunay Syndrome (KTS).

Brief Introduction to Klippel-Trenaunay Syndrome

Klippel-Trenaunay syndrome (KTS) is a rare congenital (present from birth) vascular disorder. Its incidence is approximately 1 in 30,000 live births, and 75% of patients will have symptoms before 10 years of age, Many others only see symptoms after 20 years of age. The cause of this syndrome is not fully understood, and abnormality of the mesodermal tissues is suggested to affect angiogenesis during embryologic development.

Patients can be diagnosed with KTS with only 1 or 2 features, with 63% of patients reported to have all 3 features and 37% reported to have 2 of the 3 features. The gastrointestinal tract and genitourinary system are commonly affected by this syndrome. Genitourinary manifestations of KTS can affect the bladder, penis, scrotum, vagina, or vulva and occur as intrapelvic and retroperitoneal vascular malformations.

In general, 23% to 30% of patients with KTS will have genitourinary vascular anomalies, and 3% to 6% of patients with KTS will have urinary tract hemangioma.

Symptoms of Klippel- Trenaunay Syndrome

1. Bleeding from the Penis or vaginal. (Which we are here to talk about)

2. Bleeding from the affected limb

3. A skin infection

You could experience pain in the limb, blood clots, anemia, and seizures

How do you know if the blood coming out of your penis is a result of Klippel-Trenaunay Syndrome

1. Blood coming out of your Penis during Night erections

2. Having no abnormal hematuria (blood in urination) or abnormal frequency of Urination.

3. Difference in the sizes of your right and left hand or the fingers on each hand or toes on each leg.

How to stop blood coming painlessly out of your Penis during erections.

One problem about this rare condition in a country like Nigeria is that the doctors are not familiar with it and hardly do they diagnose it when a patient is having this syndrome, they keep on testing for several other things, this is the reason why people who have this defect in Nigeria never find a solution to it, we have proven herbal and traditional methods of solving this Klippel-Trenanunay syndrome problem that comes with painless penis bleeding effects, simply contact us and we solve it for you permanently

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