How to make Herbal Medicine for Corona Virus

Herbal Treatment for Corona Virus
Herbal Treatment for Corona Virus
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Herbal Treatment for Corona Virus

First of all, Covid-19 is real!. Don’t live in the illusion of ”Corona is not real” and go and kill yourself with Ignorance

I don’t think Covid-19 needs any introduction as this was the Virus that shut down the year 2020 and put the whole world on pause but still I am going to tell you some basic things about it that you probably haven’t heard from anyone else before I proceed to the herbal way of treating it permanently.

Things you may not know about Corona Virus

– Nose masks only prevent Coronavirus from spreading faster, it doesn’t prevent it from spreading if other safety guidelines like avoiding crowded places and keeping social distancing are not followed, this is because nose masks only reduce the spread of respiratory air which may be contaminated from an infected person

– Skin rash is a symptom of Corona Virus

– You already know about its fever symptoms I guess but you might not know that Corona Virus can cause chronic indigestion, this is actually the symptoms I had when I caught it. just a spoon of food and I would feel filled up.

Herbal Treatment for Corona Virus
Herbal Treatment for Corona Virus

How do you know you have Corona Virus?

You can know you have coronavirus by simply going to the hospital to test or watching the symptoms, The fact is that observing the symptoms is not the accurate way if not going to the hospital for tests. but whenever you are seeing any of the symptoms I will be listing now, just Order for the Anti Corona Herb here by clicking the WhatsApp button on your screen

The symptoms are Shortness of breath, a cough that gets severe over time, a low-grade fever that gradually increases in temperature, chills, and fatigue, repeated shaking with chills, sore throat, Headache, Muscle aches and pains, loss of taste and smell, a stuffy and runny nose, gastrointestinal symptoms such as diarrhea, nausea, vomiting and constipation, discoloration of fingers, or toes, pink eyes and skin rash. Those are the symptoms of the Corona Virus and whenever you see any of them, go to the hospital to test yourself, the tests are very very expensive which are about 40,000 naira to 50,000 naira in many places,  before the expenses of medications come in too, so why not get Anti Corona Herb here that will crush the coronavirus in the body, make you test negative and you build up your immunity to fight against the virus in case you get infected next time

How to Treat Corona Virus at home by Yourself:

This can be tedious in doing but I will teach you how to do it, in case you don’t have the time to do it yourself, I am just a button away ln your screen, Here we go

Ewe RẸRẸ, Eepo Ahun ati ewe re, Eepo Mongoro ati ewe re, ewe Oruwọ ati egbo re, eepo yaani, egbo egbesi, Eso Orombo weere ati ewe re, kooko oba, ewe Oparun, ewe Agbari Etu, Alubosa aayu, Eru Awonka, Tea Lipton, ewe laali, Alabukun, eepo akoko, ewe girofa, Omidun, Atale. A o se GBOGBO re Lagbo Lori ina ti yi o jina daradara, A o maamu. Agbo yii dara ti aba mu ni gbigbona, ti a si n mu tan ki o too to ojo keta. Ti o ba di Ojo keta ki  a Se Omiran.

Sorry, I am not able to translate that to English because I don’t know the English names of some of those herbs and roots, so if you need it, you can simply send me a message with the button on your screen or contact o9023245320 to order for a freshly made one or I help you to combine it while you cook it for you and your family.

The last thing, Corona Virus is real and it is spreading so fast, killing people, adults, children, and Unborn babies, covid-19 yields so many unexpected complications in pregnant women. It weakens pregnant women and yield Premature birth/preterm births, transmitting the virus from mother to child is not likely but the newborn is likely to contract it after birth, Therefore you, your family, and old ones (they are at high risk too) and your pregnant women should avoid crowded places, wear your masks, wash your masks after every use, make sure anyone having it is self-isolated and treated properly (don’t desert them), just isolate till they get better and get them Anti Corona Herb here. That’s all on Corona Virus, Stay Safe!

You can contact me here for any health or spiritual complain here as well or order any product by clicking the WhatsApp button on your screen

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