Make this simple herb to eliminate Hypertension (Agbo Eje Riru)

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Make this simple herb to eliminate Hypertension (Agbo Eje Riru)

List of Ingredients:

1. Lime juice

Lime juice as a to High blood pressure
Lime juice, a potent ingredient for making a cure (Agbo) for hypertension in Nigeria (Eje riru) also known as omi osan were in Yoruba

2. Lemon

Lemon f
lemon/ lakuegbe also known as osan jaganyin, it is a potent fruit for regulating blood pressure

3. Omisinmisin Itakun

4. Ewe Dasa

(No picture)

5. Avocado Pear Leaves

6. Afomo Agbalumo or Orogbo (Bitter Kola)

(No Picture)

7. Garlic

Garlic to be used to treat impotence in the edroom and high blood pressure
Garlic. for lowering a high blood pressure

Preparation of the herbal mixture for Hypertension

Put the combination of all the items listed above in a pot and heat till it boils properly


The person with High blood pressure will be taking this one cup[ (25cl) every morning with a spoon of honey added to every cup to be taken


This medicine should be taken judiciously as instructed for at least three weeks if there is going to be any stop, after three weeks you can decide to pause, stop, or continue. Aged/old people are constantly at the risk of hypertension, stroke, and other cardiovascular diseases, continuous usage can make the user free from that heart, vascular(blood vessel), and brain damage problems

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