Natural Treatments of Prostate Enlargement

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Here are the Natural Ways to Treat Prostate Cancer

1. Water treatment: 41/2 litres (3 Eva bottles of water daily)

1 1/2 litres on rising, 1/3 Eva bottle 30 minutes before and 2 1/2 hours after each meal

2. Tomatoes

Eat at least 3 fresh tomatoes a week.

3. Pumpkin seeds or sunflower seeds

Eat Pumpkin and sunflower seeds generously to stimulate male potency and delay ageing and to cure or relieve Prostate trouble.

Pumpkin is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, which are essential to the health of the prostate. Take 60 to 90 grams of pumpkin seeds daily. The seeds may be taken in the form of powder, Sprinkled overcooked vegetables, or mixed with wheat flour.

They can be taken in form of a paste made with honey or as a drink with diluted milk and honey to taste

4. Vegetable Juices: The juices of carrots taken separately in a 500ml quantity or in combination with spinach juice, is Valuable.

5. Vitamin E

600 I.U daily or Vitamin E rich foods like green leafy vegetables sweet potatoes, whole grains, milk, and eggs

6. Cabbage

Cabbage contains several elements and factors which enhance the immunity of the human body and arrests its premature ageing.

7. Water and Lemon

Subsist on water mixed with little Lemon juice for 2 or 3 days. Take Water every walking hour for 2 or 3 days. Take  Water every waking hour for the 2-3 days. then after the 2nd and 3rd day, go on an all-fruit diet for 3 days. Then Take 2 meals of fruit and one meal of cooked vegetables for 7 days. Thereafter, drink 4 and 1/2 litres of water Daily. Eat a balanced diet with emphasis on seeds, nuts, Grains, Vegetables, Fruits.


Dry in the house; take as a tea

9. Bitter leaf

Drink a glassful of the squeezed juice of bitter leaf 4 times daily.

It will increase the flow of urine and reduce pain.

It will regulate the spread of the cell. Bitter leaf extract is part of the general cleansing and healing process for the body

10. Selenium (found in CORN) OATS, BROWN RICE, FISH

Eat these generously; they are ANTI-CANCER foods, selenium is also found in fruits and vegetables. Eat them generously daily.


Tomato has a blood-thinning effect in the treatment of many ailments. LYCOPENE content of Tomato reduces the blood’s ability to clot

Tomato is useful in managing COLON, BREAST, PROSTATE and CERVICAL CANCER.

Eat raw tomatoes three times a week or drink the juice of tomatoes on empty stomach. About half a glass of tomato juice, three times a week is enough for the prevention of prostate enlargement

Things to Avoid

Heavy Starches

Sweet Stimulant

Highly Seasoned Foods



Excess sauces


Red meat

Greasy foods

Fried foods




Hurried meals


Chew food thoroughly

Water to be taken between, not with meals

Eat food slowly

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