Drugless Healing Remedies for impotence

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Drugless Healing Remedies for impotence

There are several ways to cure Impotence (erectile dysfunctions, premature ejaculation, low sexual desire, and all related problems) but most orthodox remedies have side effects except herbal remedies( when used as prescribed) and drugless ones that don’t involve herbs or medicine. so, today I will be revealing to you the drugless healing remedies for Impotence

1. Water; The purest form of Drugless healing remedies for impotence

water as drugless healing remedy for infertility and impotence
water as a drugless healing remedy for infertility and impotence

Drink plenty of water to be firm sexually. Daily intake of water will surely cure impotence. Water is the best medicine in the
world. Drink with the spirit of desperation to the point of discomfort.
Remember that there is no substitute for water.


2. Honey, Egg, Milk. (Apart from impotence supply other essential nutrients to the body)

Mix 2 spoonfuls of honey with 4 spoonfuls of milk and one

fresh egg.


Drink three times daily

3. Onions, honey, wonderful cola


Boil 3 big onions and squeeze out the juice

filter it
mix with same quantity of honey
stir and boil
grind one big wonderful cola
mix the ground wonderful cola with the honey and

4. Onions juice

Use: Drink 1 spoonful 3 times (After each meal) daily

Aloe Vera

Remove the gel of half Aloe Vera leaf; beat to liquid form.

Drink on an empty stomach daily for two weeks to observe it

Take it three times a week

5. Bark of Kola

Boil the bark of the kola in water.


Take a glass every night

6. Bitter kola root, Garlic, Ginger

Boil the root of the biller kola with some Garlic and Ginger.

Allow it to stand for 12 hours.

Dosage: 1/2 a glass thrice daily.

7. Diet; Foods that are Automatically drugless healing secrets for Impotence

Fruits such as unripe plantain and ripe paw
Vegetables: Ugwu, Bitter leaf, Iyana ipaja.
Soko, tete, Okro, Ewedu
Sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds
Ginseng tea
Roasted Plantain Combined with groundnut.

8. Ginger, Ginseng, Damiana, saw palmetto,

Make this combination and take it regularly over two months period

Dosage: 3 spoonfuls twice daily


9. Epimedium Grandiflor (Horny goat weed)

It is a powerful remedy for male impotency over thousands

of years.

10 Asphaltum purificata

It increases the core energy for your sexual power


11. Hibiscus flower leaves

Get as many fresh hibIsCus flowers green leaves, rinse and

extract the fluid and drink two or three times a week.

12. Onion; The most simple form of the Drugless healing remedies for Impotence)

Eat plenty of it to cleanse the blood and it works magic in

man’s system. Eat as often as possible.

13.  Stinging nettle (Ewe Esinsin in Yoruba, straight, unripe plantain, pumpkin seed, Pure Honey


Dry separately
Grind separately
Mix the three together


Mix the Honey; lick it with your finger about seven times.
Thrice daily

All these aforementioned drugless healing remedies for impotence can be used and as well, they all work overtime and not an overnight process. you can consult me for advice on your sexual health by clicking the Whatsapp icon on your screen or   click here to order for Cobra Bitters, the right herb to treat impotence permanently.

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