Cheap Solutions for Premature Ejaculation

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Cheap solutions for premature ejaculation

1. Local herbs

A larger percentage of the African population seek the service of street hawkers of herbal aphrodisiacs so and you can try them out. even though they might not be licensed by NAFDAC but they have a union that guides them in making sure what they sell is consumable by the people and this union has Government’s approval. Therefore I can say Agbo herbal aphrodisiacs is not dangerous as medical practitioners make it seem. follow the instruction of the people who sell it to you, don’t use overdose because you want to impress a girl. It is very cheap and will cost you lesser than any other

2. Burantashi: This is a bark of the tree from northern Nigeria, you can seek for it from any friend from the north you can find or click the WhatsApp icon on our website to get some of it and know how to use.

3. Cobra bitters small size: This is a very effective herb from us (solarababaherbs/ We have A bigger and smaller size. we know the bigger size which costs 22,500 naira might be too expensive for some people so we created the smaller size which works fast, non-alcoholic and affordable for 5000 nairas only, you can click the Whatsapp button on your screen to order for one

4. Water
It has to be said without any possibility of contradiction that water is the best medication in the world. As always, we recommended water intake. It is very important to drink more water. Water dissolves fat, generous consumption of it will help so well because fat reduces libido and reduces fertility as well.

5. Paw-Paw fruit

Paw-Paw fruit is very useful for the treatment of infertility. It affects the endocrine Organ and helps organ of both sexes to function properly. The more fruit you eat, the better for you

Aloe vera

Remove the gel of Aloe vera leaf; beat to liquid form. Drink on an empty stomach daily for two weeks to observe it efficacy

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