Herbal cure for Athritis (Awoka/Awuka/aromoleegun)

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Herbal cure for Athritis (Awoka/Awuka/aromoleegun)


Grape- Gireepu/ Osan Oyinbo 

Lime – Osan were

Bee honey – Oyin igan

Mistletoe – Afomo Onisaana

Ginger – Atale funfun

Garlic – Ayuu

Preparation : Prepare mixture from two tablespoonfuls of mistletoe powder, two tablespoonfuls of garlic powder, two tablespoonfuls of ginger powder,One bottle of Lime , One bottle of grape juice and one bottle of bee honey. Mix all the items in a bottle

Dosage : Take two tablespoonfuls (30ml) two times daily for two weeks.

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  1. Hello, Please can you advise where I can buy-Herbal cure for Athritis (Awoka/Awuka/aromoleegun) from the UK. How much is the cost?

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