How to Cure Malaria with Brimstone leaf/Morinda Lucida (Oruwo in Yoruba

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How to Cure Malaria with Brimstone leaf, scientific name: Morinda Lucida (Oruwo in Yoruba)

How to Cure Malaria with Brimstone leaf, scientific name : Morinda Lucida (Oruwo in Yoruba)
Brimstone tree and leaf(Morinda Lucida) also known as ewe Oruwo in Yoruba

Before i talk about how to cure malaria with brimstone leaf/Morinda Lucida which is also known as Oruwo in Yoruba, let me quickly tell you the difference between cure and treatment  So that you can get this clearly,

Cure usually refers to a complete restoration of health, while treatment refers to a process that leads to an improvement in health, but may not include the complete elimination of the disease. In the case of Malaria, most treatments happen to be cures especially the pharmaceutically made antimalaria drugs, but their inefficiencies are that they can’t make any impact in preventing future occurrences.

Now Does malaria have a cure?
YES, but only in the herbal way, when Malaria is treated properly the herbal way, The medicine or any other remedy will empower the system for any future occurrences, Thank god for our land as we are blessed with this plant naturally, therefore getting rid of malaria in Africa and Nigeria is not a rocket science

Malaria Cure with Brimstone leaf/Morinda Lucida (Also known as ewe Oruwo in Yoruba)

The Brimstone tree, botanical name Morinda Lucida is a medium-sized tree with short crooked branches. The Yoruba name for this leaf is Oruwo Although it is very bitter, yet the whole plants, leaves, stem bark, and roots are known to have medicinal properties.

The leaves of this plant are potent against the malaria parasites. The leaves should be obtained fresh from the Bush and rinsed in water. Blend 1/4 kg of the leaves with 2.3 liters of water. Allow it to stand for 30 minutes. Strain, collect the water, and discard the pulp.

The dosage is one standard table glass, two or three times daily, according to the severity of a malaria attack, the treatment shouldn’t last more than. Three days and noticeable change for better us within 24 hours or else you consult your doctor or order to for our malaria cure herb by clicking here or the whatsapp button on your screen.

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