Malaria cure for repeated sickness in people with AA rhesus positive genotype

Malaria cure for repeated sickness in people with AA rhesus positive genotype
Malaria cure for repeated sickness in people with AA rhesus positive genotype
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Malaria cure for repeated sickness in people with AA rhesus positive genotype

This curing methods and preventive measures you are about to read is useful for both people who are AA rhesus positive and the people who are not but this methods are very effective thats hy its been directed to these people because of the reasons i will be explaiing below.

Malaria is arguably the number one health challenge that the whole of Africa is facing,but ordinary hasn’t hasnt been the case for people with AA rhesus positive blood genotype. you know why? , they have less immunity for malaria , and when malaria comes it gets at them and they fall sick within a blink of an eye. Even though the AA positive have a lot of advantages to anyone who possess it and these people have so much immunity to all other kind of disease except malaria. Even some of them in their 40s and 50s usually claim that they have never being to an hospital or by anyway have any appointment with any doctor except for malaria.

In this article,i am going to be telling you the cure to this malaria menace for repeated sickness in people with AA rhesus positive genotype and this not just only work for people with AA Rhesus positive alone but also works for anyone malaria victimizes. here we go below.

1. Prevention

Just like the usual saying that prevention is better than cure ,so i will be telling you how to prevent malaria totally. So

Firstly : Get rid of stagnant water in your enviroment, including your kitchen and if you will have to keep water ,make sure you cover them tighly or you pour a little oil on the surface of the water as that will clog the surface thereby leaving no oxygen for mosquito to breed.

Secondly : Use insecticides like baygon,raid, and so on to sanitize insects off your house or room.

Thirdly : General cleanliness of your enviroment will actually chase mosquitoes a million miles away ,dispose your dustbin where you dumo food reminants and other dirty organic things.

Fourthly : Taking malaria medicines on a regular schedule .you can click here to see some of our malaria cures or consult your doctor.

Fifthly : Usage of mosquito nets to shield yourself away from mosquito bites as most mosquito nets are now being impregnated with insecticide and they are circulated by non profit organizations to combat malaria, So get one.
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2. Water cure

You might be surprised that water alone without any additive or any other thing added can actually make you stay strong for 8-10 year without getting sick from malaria at all.
The fact is that mosquito eggs cannot survive in a moving or running water, and like i explained in the preventive measures that disposing and not allowing any stagnant water around you will disable mosquitoes from breeding , The same principle applies in your liver .

When you are biting by mosquito , the plasmodium sporozoite (malaria causing organism) gets to start growing but your body immunity will fight it and try to kill it, the less immunity in your body is the reason why most of these sporozoite remain undefeated and you kept on falling sick again and again , So if you can offer assisstance to your body by weakning the power or that parasite,then your body will overcome it. so how do you do this ?,

How to do the water cure

Be taking four litres of water everyday ,so, most bottle waters are in CL, and 100CL is equal to a litre ,so you can do the calculation and decide how many bottles and cups you will be taking per day

If you have malaria attack,people with AA genotype can easily tell if its malaria or not because it is something that disturbs them everytime, so Take 7 and a half litres of water withing 6 hours (if you are presently having malaria already,preventive is just 4 litres per day ) within 48 hours it will be cured but if symptom still persist,consult us by clicking the whatsapp button on your screen or the email or check our contact us page to get in touch with us as well you can consult your doctor

If you are above than 80 kg ,you can increase your water intake . Malaria cannot invade a well Hydrated body. don’t drink excessive . The water drinking exercise might seems hard at first but with time you get used to it.

3. Grape Fruit
Grape fruit contains a natural quinine and hence is valuable in the treatment of malaria . This quinine is also present in schweppes drinks and taking that regularly or when you have any feverish or cold feeling can actually change the situation (even though they didnt pay us for adverts though) . The grape fruit cure can be done by boiling grape fruit and straining the pulp. if this is taken three times in a day which is supposed is a malaria cure for repeated sickness in people with AA rhesus positive genotype and any other person who fall sick . Eating grape fruits an hour before and an hour after protein meals will do a lot as well

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