5 Foods That Help Ease Stomach Pain

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People usually guess typhoid or food related reasons for stomach and abdominal pain but it can come for several reason ,it might be because of what you have ate or disease.
Disease that can cause this stomach pain and abdominal pain are :
1. Typhoid
2. Cholera
3. Worms
4. Food Poisoning
5. Diarrhea
6. Fibroid ,
7. Ovulation , Pelvic Inflamatory Disease
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In this article i will be talking about how to treat and cure Intestinal worms..you can also order for our intestinal worm cure by clicking here

Cure for stomach pain/abdominal pains

Carrot cure

carrots for treating stomach pain and preventing intestinal worms infestation

Eating this on empty stomach every morning because it contain so much fiber and will kill all existing parasite and as well prevent future infection

Raw papaya juice cure

papaya for treating stomach pain and preventing intestinal worms infestation
unripe papaya

This is a natural way to kill intestinal worms faster,Crush and Blend raw papaya,cucumber and apple or the three fruits together and sieve them together to extrace the juice,add some mint,raw honey and cinnamon.Thats how to make raw papaya juice

After the raw papaya juice is being made take a spoon every morning and after then make another mixture of milk and castor oil and take a teaspoon of that as well .The two mixtures should be made separately and can be kept in refridgerator. it eliminates intestinal parasite fast and repeating stomach pain will be gone

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Pumpkin Garlic solution :

pumpkin and garlic

Mixture of grounded Pumpkin and Garlic with water is a good cure for stomach pain ,Groundnut also can be added for better result…we have it prepared that you can order by clicking here .

4. Pormegranate bark :


This is also called rumman fruit in Hausa language,mix it with with water (you can grind before mixing though and any child or adult affected should be given three spoonful thrice a day and it will eliminate worms in days,while it work as cure for insistent stomach pain and abdominal pain

 African walnuts

black walnut

The black walnut ,also known as the black walnut is a great cleansing agent for intestinal worms. Eating this regularly will eliminate worms or intestinal parasites and will stop insistent stomach pain and abdominal pain

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