Basics on How to Prevent And Cure Intestinal Worms

How to Prevent And Cure Intestinal Worms
WORMS : This is real even though alot of people seems to attribute a lot of stomach irritation and discomfort to worms which is not at times but worms are one of the causes of stomach pain and discomfort as well as finding blood in your stools and as well excessive appetite for food ,they also lead to diarrhea,they are majorly spread due to lack of cleanliness majorly from faeces to mouth with food and drinks as a mode of contracting due to contamination ,when the eggs are swallowed ,they get hatched and enter the bloodstream there by effect comes in to start showing up they can cause fever,indigestion,congestion ,general weakness,asthma in kids and can cause gagging when they crawl their way to the  to the throat or mouth ,proper cleanliness can wipe out worms and prevent worms from you being    CONTACT US  for worm medications
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How to Prevent And Cure Intestinal Worms

Even though there are several types of worms in the body,everybody has known worms to be parasitic but intestinal worms are common and also easy to be contracted or they gain entry to our bodies,so for these its a necessity to know how to prevent and cure intestinal worms

The only way any kind of worm or worm carrying organism(vector) can gain entrance to our body is simply by lack of cleanliness which can be either by having a lousy personal hygiene or being conracted through contaminated food and water,Therefore the only way to prevent worms is by making sure what we consume is free of dirt or any sort of contamination and as well as our personal hygiene.

Examples of Intestinal worms are flatworms,such as tapeworms and planaria. There are other types as well such as roundworms which is also known as ascaris ,also there is hookworm infection.

The glaring and most popular symptom of any sort of intestinal worm is abdominal pain and most times come along with diarrhea,nausea and eventually vomitting.

Symptoms of Intestinal worm

1. Abdominal Pain
2. excessive farting or bloating
3. Tiredness and weakness of the body along with strong sleeping desire during the regular daily activities or unusual time
4. unnecessary or unexplainable loss of weight
5. diarrhea (excessive stooling), nausea and vomiting
6 . Blood,Mucus,or Pus traces in your stool
7. Itchy anus
Another physical symptom of having intestinal worm is when you start seeing blood stains ,spots or blood traces as well as mucus during bowel movement/Using the toilet,at times you will pass out worm or worms out along with your faeces ,thats one of the symptoms as well

It also cause rashes on the anus,rectum or vulva for women

Who are more prone to having Intestinal worm

Young people and children are at the most risk of contracting these deadly worms because of the enviroments where they play or have to do but older and mature people are less prone to having it except for the people who have weak immune system(usually peolple with HIV and other  related immune disintegrating disease)

The people in Third world countries or poor countries also have higher risk of contracting this worms because of lack of clean water and clean food that is not in abundance

All this does not mean the people or mature people in developed countries can not contract it from contaminated food or water,as pork is known as a good vector of carrying tapeworm and most people in developing countries eat a lot of pork ,China as an example whose pork consumption is almost the the highest in the world without using their population as yardstick

Causes of intestinal worm :

Listed below are the Causes and ways intestinal worms spread
1.Eating of contaminated Animal food when not well cooked
2. Drinking of contaminated water
3 . Poor personal hygiene
4 . Poor Sanitation

How to Diagnose Any type of Intestinal worm

Just like any other types of disease,the first action in diagnosing a disease is to go to a doctor unless you are one yourself,and get tested,it is going to involve series of stool test
The second way of diagnosing this is the ”scotch tape” test to determine if there are traces of embryos or eggs of worms

How to prevent Intestinal worms :

It can simply be prevented by staying away from its mode of spreading as its has been listed above
But here are proven ways to prevent it
1. Avoid eating any kind of raw food that comes from animals be it fish or meat
2. Cook meat and fish thoroughly before consumption
3. Let the cooked animal food gets cool before eating as that will assure the proper and complete death of all the harmful microorganism
4. Stay away from water snail or avoid it totally

Cure/Treatment of Intestinal worms :

You can consult your Doctor or you order for our anti worm medicine by clicking here.Ignoring big or obvious signs and symptoms of intestinal warms can lead to blockage of the digestive system and also anaemia.

Intestinal worms can harm pregnant women so much and can also make any young fit,athlete,or someone that involve in physical activity everyday to have lower productivity due to fatigue,weight loss,sleepiness,tireness and so on,so click here now to order for our product

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